Menu of Services

20 minute Reiki Session

$80 per session
$325 package of five (5) sessions

Tarot or Oracle Card Reading $75

Pet Reading/Pet Reiki Session $80

Past Life Reading $100

One-On-One Psychic Reading 30 minutes via Zoom Chat $100

Passed Loved Ones Reading 30 minutes via Zoom Chat $120

One-On-One Psychic and Intuitive Development

Monthly Educational Courses at Qunubus Pembroke Pines $25

Online classes available upon request


By participating in a reading with Erin Lee, you understand and agree that Erin Lee is not a medical professional, veterinarian, licensed therapist, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional.

Any information or advice given by Erin is your personal responsibility and not to be used by you in place of any medical, veterinarian, legal, tax or financial advice or diagnosis, treatment or cure for any ailment or affliction, physical or psychological in nature.

Any predictions made and discussed can change course or outcome due to free will.

All psychic readings and consultations are conducted with care and consideration. These readings are intended to offer insight into one’s personal life, and are meant for entertainment purposes only.

Any decisions and choices you make as a result of this consultation are your legal and personal responsibility only. Erin Lee shall not be held responsible for your choices, as your free will is your own.