Intuitive Reiki

What Is Reiki?
Reiki is energetic healing of the 7 main chakras.
This service can be done from any distance around the world.
Reiki gives you a feeling of calm and well being.

What Makes A Reiki Session With Erin Lee Unique?
A reiki session with Erin includes feedback from your spirit guides, in addition to clearing your chakras. Erin connects directly with your guides during a session, to bring you intuitive life guidance in the areas of health and wellness, relationships, career, and more.

How Does A Distance Healing Session Work?
You arrange a time when you are able to lay down or sit comfortably for 20 minutes, the duration of a session. During this time, Erin will send reiki to you from where she is. When the session has ended, she will message you with feedback from your guides, and messages about your chakras.
You do not have to be still to receive the benefits of reiki, but it does promote a greater sense of relaxation.
At the end of the session, your chakras will be clear.

How Often Should I Get Reiki?
The choice is entirely yours, but anywhere from 2-4 weeks is ideal. Some clients opt for weekly sessions, while others go 6-8 weeks. There is no wrong answer, but more frequent sessions are recommended if you are experiencing health challenges.

What Is The Cost?
One session is $80, a package of 5 sessions is $325

Sessions are booked 9a-9p EST.